Letting Your Light Shine Through Your Work

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Your work matters! Do you genuinely believe it?

Here are a few YES or NO questions to ask yourself:
  1. Are you surrounded by friends, family, and colleagues who make it their business to provide a safe, welcoming, and uplifting environment for your endeavors and ideas?
  2. Do you make it your business to cultivate sacred space for your own precious endeavors and ideas?
  3. When considering the amount of work, time, and energy placed into your endeavors and ideas, do you become excited? Is there a momentous sense of pride?


Now it’s time to rate yourself and your life responses:
Mainly no’s?

Ask yourself what should be done to change this? Identify your most precious goals; what do you want most from life and your relationships?

Are you truly willing to choose yourself, and are you internally and externally prepared to uncover your highest truth, unearthing your deepest desires? Do you think you’re willing to do the work on yourself to unpack unnecessary baggage and move in with your purpose?

Are you willing to separate yourself, say no, and actively choose the persons who bring you enamoring sunshine, adding to your very own gleeful glow?


If you’re truly ready to create a strong pathway to letting your own light shine, then decide today that the choice to act is rightfully yours!

These key steps will guide you to the beautiful, bright, light ready to radiate from your work:
  1. Devise a plan according to a strategic timeline,
  2. Carefully evaluate and categorize the people and loved ones in your life based on emotions or actions evoked and their results (You’ll see what you need, what you don’t, and you will be able to more easily compartmentalize—no surprises!),
  3. Work on filling the spaces where you’ve identified needs with productive resources and support systems; know what makes you tick and establish clear cues for keeping your spirits high,
  4. Establish clarity in your visions to outline concrete goals coinciding with your strategic timeline, and
  5. Foster a deepened relationship with yourself to ensure the safety and longevity of your dreams. The work, whatever that may be, should excite you and spark fire in your heart to want to go at it day in and day out.


You know what your purpose is. Digging deeply to uncover, protect, and harness your individual craft will be a very rewarding feat. I challenge you to overcome your obstacles and let your light shine!

 joy joyful

Mainly yes’s?

Great! You are ready to let your light shine brightly in your work. 

The beautiful part about this is the well-known fact that being yourself, who you truly are, is the greatest gift to the world that could be given. You, yourself, are the most important support system you’ll ever have. You have the power to let your light shine brightly by exuding your authentic self.

Planning to go to the next level in your life and in your work requires the loving-trust of others who also believe strongly in your vision, mission, and purpose. As the leader of your vessel you are tasked with the opportune duty of culturing an ecosystem that rewards your light, assists with any dim spots, and accelerates the conditions of mankind.

You know, recognize, and project the importance of your work. You live and breathe and reciprocate beautiful, loving, energy. I commend where you are now, and the journey ahead of you! May life continue to be plentiful, bearing enormous fruit for your existence. If you’re ever in doubt of your work, reread this article, smooth through those kinks, and keep letting your light shine!

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  • I like this article a lot because i find it hard to let myself shine through my work because im always worried about failing . My field is music and its highly subjective since I have to carter to the audience.

    Ofcourse, I love playing the drums in front of people and it gives me a great deal of happiest, and I love producing music. However, Im afraid of failing and not having longevity that is causes me not to shine as I would like.

    Sometimes I question maybe I havent reach a level of success because Im not fully commited since I have to rely on my job to fun my musical endeavors. I have to pay bills and working takes away from me creating new songs or gigging.

    But reading this made me see I as long as i have a deep passion and a fire to make music, I can rely on my bandmates and keep pushing through, and be present in the moment not worry about the negetive outcome or nay sayers. I can shine through my work and others will hopefully see that. They can appreciate it and maybe their light can shine as well.

    James A. Eugene on

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