Here's Why It's OKAY To Follow Your Heart:

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Life's possibilities erupt via various opportunities, situations, and potential outcomes. Values, substance, external influence, and increase are all factors that could help determine a person's choice; essentially the most favorable scenario is intended from the chooser's point of view.

When you decide to give away your ability to trust yourself, your inner gut that alarms you and sways you to the places your heart most deeply desires becomes harder to reconcile with. You end up having, repeatedly, the conversation with yourself referencing your "bad" mistakes alongside the internal "I told you so's." There could also be factors present which were not previously accounted for, influencing how harsh or how pleasant your new reality is. 

Beating yourself down after a trail of ignorance and immature neglect is not a healthy way to regain the fine tuning synchronicity that your heart craves. It's important to note that following your heart, even blindly, usually leads to a decrease in stress and hardships. Sometimes your mind doesn't understand why your soul's presence is wreaking of the opposite direction or why it feels so bad to go along with what someone else would like for you to do. Did you ever consider that MAYBE that person doesn't even really care about what you have going on, so long as their desires are met? 

Doing for others is fan-tastic! I encourage it heavily, and I think that being intentional about your actions is a phenomenal gift to bestow upon the world. However, choosing to place yourself last to appease the favor of other people is not smart nor is it healthy.

At some point you HAVE to come first. IF you choose the hearts and minds of other people solely, and you ignore the intentions that you have set for the world around you, the love that you have for the world around you, the desires that you have for the world around you...then someone may just leave you alone, in the middle of nowhere, while you're left confused as to why everything is happening. When the only reason you even tagged along was to comfort and support the very person that didn't think twice about allowing you to rot in the dirt. What did your heart say? 

When you were neglecting your own duties and responsibilities--your own passions and desires--what did your heart say? At which point did you stop to comfort and support yourself? To ensure that you had everything humanly possible that you needed to be whole? When did you stop to say, "I am doing this for me, and that is what will help facilitate my purpose."

Following your heart is not a selfish claim. It IS the ultimate claim to self-care and self-love. Being comfortable with who you are, and having the will to choose your own voice over the voices of others can provide an endless armistice of abundance. Complete the tasks that are plastered in your heart with fullness and pride.

Don't lead yourself down a path of regret and shame because you chose the world before even considering to choose yourself. I love me. Love self!



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  • You been doing a great job. Keep on spreading truth and postive energy.

    Andrew Finch on

  • I’ve been following you for sometime now via (IG) . Although I don’t know you personally, your energy + spirit definitely radiates. I’m also in Richmond,VA and would love to get together just to chat about entrepreneurship if you’re up for it. Please feel free to reach me via email !

    Love + Light

    Shaniqua Pervall on

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